Commercial Office Space

800 Kings Highway North, Cherry Hill, NJ

A professional office building conveniently located on NJ Route 70. The property is within short distance of Ponzio’s, Ellisburg Shopping Center, and the Cherry Hill Mall. Features an on-site café.

505 S. Lenola Road, Moorestown, NJ

Blason Plaza II is a 48,000 sq. ft. boutique office property located at 505 S. Lenola Road in Moorestown, New Jersey.  The two-story property was constructed in 1971 and sits on a 4.01 acre site, with more than 200 parking spaces.

401 Route 70 East, Cherry Hill, NJ

401 Route 70 benefits from an excellent location in the heart of Cherry Hill and is easily accessible to Interstate 295. Constructed in 1985 on a 1.61-acre site.  It is a 30,500-square foot two-story building.

403 Route 70 East, Cherry Hill, NJ

The property was constructed in 1985 and sits on a 1.61-acre site.  It is a 3,727 square foot home that has been converted into office space.

1101 Kings Highway North, Cherry Hill, Nj

A highly visible professional office building on desirable North Kings Highway in Cherry Hill. It is conveniently located just north of Route 70 with easy access to Interstate 295 and the NJ Turnpike. The property is within a short distance from the Cherry Hill Mall and Garden State Pavilion Shopping Center.

811 Church Road, Cherry Hill, NJ

811 Church Road is 20,000 SF, two story Class-C office building located at 811 Church Road in Cherry Hill, NJ. The property was developed in 1960. The office is currently 97% leased by a myriad of small tenants on short term leases.


Multi-Family Residential


Ashley Woods

Location: Macon, GA
Asset Class: Multifamily

Ashley Woods apartment community is a 96-unit, multifamily, garden style apartment complex set on a property which is heavily wooded with pine tree.  The community was constructed in 1984 with 6 buildings, consisting of 72 large one bedrooms at 800 square feet and 24 two bedrooms at 1,100 square feet resulting in slightly over $34K per unit.


Whispering Woods

Location: Macon, GA
Asset Class: Multifamily

The Whispering Woods apartment is a 108-unit multifamily, garden & townhome style apartment complex built in 1983/1984 with 17 buildings. The property has 58 two bedrooms, one and a half town homes, and almost all units are 1,100 square feet or more averaging out over $45,000 per unit. 


Villa Valdos Apartments

Location: Valdosta, GA
Asset Class: Multifamily

Villa Valdos Apartments are a 56-unit Garden style complex located at the home of Moody Air Force Base and Valdosta State University.  This wood frame construction property was built in 1968, the property consists of 7 buildings all 2 stories valuing each unit at roughly $27,000.


Hartford View Apartments

Location: Gulfport, MS
Asset Class: Multifamily

Hartford View Apartments is 120-unit, multifamily, garden style apartment complex built in 1970.  This property consists of 14 buildings in a region with the median age of 35 and 55% % of the area choosing to rent within one-mile radius.  Each unit is estimated at $25,000. 


Skyline Country Club Apartments

Location: Mobile, AL
Asset Class: Multifamily

Skyline Country Club Apartments is a 52-unit multi-family community with a unit mix of one, two and three bedrooms’ apartments. The property is composed of 2.31 acres. The site is comprised of 5 residential buildings which include a centrally located leasing office, two laundry facilities, and a sparkling salt water swimming pool. The complex is conveniently located approximately 1.5 mile west of I-65 off Highway 90 and nestled within two unique neighborhoods. Across the street from Skyline Country Club Apartments is Heron Lake Country Club.  Approximately $47,596 per unit.