SFA is a high-quality operator with proven capabilities.

We seek to optimize overall investment performance through acquisitions with value-add capital improvement opportunities and implementing disciplined operational procedures.

A strong understanding of commercial operations is critical when making investments in these sectors. For each investment, we apply a comprehensive approach that includes market evaluation, and financial analytics to ensure strong returns while mitigating risk.

  •  We operate with significant local market expertise
  • Extensive due diligence package per acquisition
  •  Attentive to the quality of the finished product
  •  Analyze financial forecast per acquisition
  •  Determine feasibility/practicality of pro-forma
  •  Assess exit strategy

SFA’s acquisition focus will target assets that fall within three specific categories: core, core-plus and value-added.

A strong understanding of commercial operations is critical when making investments in these sectors.
— Jeff Schneider

SFA's Acquisition Focus

Lower risk & return strategy, core real estate represents high quality, stable assets with consistent and growing cash flow over a 5 - 10 year time horizon.

Moderate risk & return strategy, core properties will require some form of enhancement or value-added elements.

Slightly higher risk & return strategy, properties are considered value-added when they exhibit management or operational problems, require physical improvement and/or suffer from capital constraints.


General Investment Terms

Commercial Investments

General Equity Offering: $2 million
Geographic Focus: Greater Philadelphia Region
Suitability: Accredited Investors
Expected Term: 5-6 years
Investment of Retirement Funds: Permitted
Preferred Return: 8%
Projected IRR: 22%

If you are looking to create a quarterly income opportunities with the ability to experience significant capital appreciation over the long term, SFA may help you realize your investment goals.

Calculated Exit Strategy

From the onset, we calculate sound exit strategies.

Understanding the importance of the exit strategy to any investment, we evaluate the likelihood that the asset will be liquidated and capital returned to investors within the targeted time-frame.

Strategies include both the sale of the asset to another ownership group or longterm financing secured by current ownership.